My primary research agenda is to study inter-organizational relationships in high-technology industries, in order to unravel the interplay between networks and industry dynamics.

The aim of my dissertation is to enhance our understanding of technology strategy by integrating research streams on inter-organizational networks and innovation ecosystems. Systemic technologies require multiple complementary elements to be coordinated to create value for customers, but very little past research addresses the differential effects of ties between different types of industry participants. I study how the inter-organizational relationships between a focal firm and its suppliers, competitors, and complementors influence its investment behavior and competitive performance in a new technology generation. The empirical setting for the dissertation is the global mobile telecommunications industry. Phil Anderson chairs my dissertation committee.

Alongside my dissertation I have a stream of research co-authored with Henning Piezunka, in which we examine the interplay of vertical supply relationships and organizational learning in the context of Formula 1 motor racing.

Additionally, I have an interest in understanding the resource mobilization process in entrepreneurial firms. In joint work with Bala Vissa, I consider the question of entrepreneurial team formation: how does a founder go about finding and selecting co-founders? Jointly with Andy Wu, I have organized sessions at the Academy of Management exploring themes of entrepreneurial networks (2014), resource mobilization (2015), and Lean Startup as an innovation strategy (2016, 2017 & 2018).