University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

2018- Introduction to Entrepreneurship (COMM280), an undergraduate elective

  • Please email me if you would like a copy of the syllabus for this course.

2018- Advanced Topics in Organization Theory (COMM626), a PhD seminar

  • PhD Syllabus – Organization Theory. Note: Due to space constraints this syllabus omits some important topics in organization theory. I’m posting it because it seemed to work well and it might be of use to graduate students or prospective students who are curious what organization theory entails. Please email me if you have suggestions or questions.

2017-2019 Co-instructor for International MBA students’ Vancouver Residency



  • 2016    Teaching assistant for New Business Ventures, an MBA elective, for Prof. Henning Piezunka
  • 2016    Microsoft Excel Tutorials for MBA students
  • 2015    Tutor for course Prices and Markets, the core MBA course in microeconomics, for Prof. Vlad Mares
  • 2014    Teaching assistant for Your First Hundred Days, an MBA elective course in entrepreneurship
  • 2013    Teaching assistant on an Exec Ed Leadership Development Program, for Prof. Schon Beechler
  • Ad hoc  private tutoring for MBA students in: Prices and Markets; Financial Accounting; Uncertainty, Data & Judgment; Macroeconomics in the Global Economy