Vancouver Visitor Guide

Originally created for the (sadly-cancelled) 2020 Academy of Management Conference, this guide is tailored to conference attendees who will be based near the Vancouver Convention Center, though other visitors to Vancouver might also find it useful. I will build and refine the guide gradually over time – please consider the following as a work in progress.

Planning Your Visit

As you plan your conference visit, consider spending a few extra days in Vancouver itself. I also recommend allocating a few extra days to visit at least one additional destination in British Columbia. [More on Planning Your Visit].

You’ll need somewhere to stay while in Vancouver. Since I have not experienced them myself, I do not make specific hotel recommendations. However, I want to highlight that Vancouver has good public transportation, which means you could quite easily stay in a hotel or accommodation outside of downtown and travel in to Waterfront Station by either the Canada Line or Expo Line. Simply check your travel time to the conference venue in Google Maps before finalizing your reservation.

What to Do in Vancouver

There are lots of tourism resources available about Vancouver, but I have selected just a small number of highlights that I think every visitor should check out. I’ve focused on ones that are easy to access from the Convention Center and I’ve included directions on how to reach these spots by public transit. [More on What to Do in Vancouver]

Where to Eat and Drink in Vancouver

Vancouver dining tends to be relaxed and casual, with an emphasis on local produce such as fresh Pacific fish and seafood, B.C.-grown vegetables, and Canadian meat and poultry. The city is excellent for vegetarians and people with other restricted diets; nearly all restaurants have some meat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free options on the menu. Vancouver’s culinary scene also benefits from the city’s cultural diversity: you’ll find top notch food from around the world including many excellent Japanese, Chinese, and Korean restaurants. [More on Where to Eat and Drink in Vancouver]